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RHORI Krista

Meet Krista –

Hi! I’m Krista, the person behind this website. I’m the wife (a “real housewife”) to a handsome farmer and seedsman (he sells seed to other farmers) and mommy to three beautiful (and ornery) little farm girls. I grew up on a farm and live on a farm now. I also have formal education in agriculture including a B.S. in Crop Sciences (focus in seed genetics) and M.S. in Agriculture Economics. I work for an agriculture lender as a portfolio analysts (I analyze loan data).

I don’t tell you this because I think it makes me an expert in agriculture (because I’m not). I tell you because I hope it establishes some level of credibility to what I do share. I certainly have a lot to learn about agriculture and about life, and I’m always up for learning more and referring to peers who are experts.

My personal mantra is short and sweet. It’s a series of f-words (don’t worry, good ones) that I like to use to describe myself, my interests, and what’s important to me.

Faith. Family. Farm. Food. Fitness.

To give you a little more to go on. I’m a Christian woman who values my family and the time I have to spend with them. I’m so thankful my family tends God’s beautiful land and has a role in growing and raising the food the sustains the lives of so many people throughout the world. I also enjoy preparing that food and sharing with my family. And when living in the rural countryside, I can’t imagine a better way to start my day than a run outdoors enjoying the beautiful views only nature can provide… even when that means I have to push a triple stroller while doing it. Up hill. Against the wind. Both ways.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about our family, life on the farm in rural Illinois, and some great recipes.